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YongSheng has been focusing on flat coil springs since 2002, the thickness of springs ranges from 0.06-0.6mm, width range from 1.5-50mm. Tension, torsion, tail shape all can be customized. You have the idea, and we bring your ideas to life.


Fully Custom Service

You can customize your ideal springs 100%, including raw material, dimension, tension, torsion, tail shape, and so on.


Pre-sales Consultation Service

With thousands of cases in the database, we can supply you with the most suitable solution when telling the application.

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Customize Your Flat Coil Springs, Boom Your Own Business

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Complete Testing And Inspection Process

As a professional flat coil springs manufacturer since 2002, All springs products will be tested strictly via complete process before shipping, from raw material to final product packaging, including dimension testing, hardness testing, tension testing, and so on.

dimension measuring

Video Dimension Measuring


Hardness Testing


Lifetime Testing


Torsion Testing


Tension Testing


Salt Spray Testing


Fatigue Testing


Final Product Testing

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How Do We Manufacture The Flat Coil Springs

YongSheng has been focusing on the flat coil springs industry for near 20 years, we insist on supplying high-quality springs products to customers. With numerious case in hand, our veteran master the know-how of springs crafting process, can easily balance the cost and effect.

Quality is in the core position in YongSheng, all in-house production can ensure you the best quality. The full & strict quality control systems works throughout the entire product range, from raw material to the final shipment, your springs will go through all kinds of strict testing before handing to your hands.

flat coil spring manufacturing process
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Why Fortune 500 Companies Choose YongSheng Springs

Whether you are a wholesaler or end-user, YongSheng is always your better flat coil springs manufacturer. We supply a pre-sales guide for beginners for free based on your application and there is a very small MOQ (as low as to one), with that, you will be easy to get started in this business.

YongSheng Has Served numerous Customers Around The World, Inquire Our Expert For Your Application!

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Where Our Flat Coil Springs Be Used In

YongSheng has been serving over 5000 customers worldwide in various industries

shelf pusher

Point of Purchase

There are 2 types of springs be recommended for point of purchase in YongSheng, they are constant force springs and variable force springs.
The different application decides the types of springs, check it out to know more about how to pick springs in point of purchase.

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Household and Appliance Lifting

Abundant constant force springs are used in household and appliance for lifting, like curtains, electric fan, computer monitor, etc.
The different device has different requirements, inquiry our expert for your household and appliance lifting springs.

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Retractable Springs In Various Products

Retractable springs be wildly used in many products, like a dog leash, recoil starter, clock, cable reel, and sports accessories.
Any questions about your retractable springs products, please feel free to contact our expert.

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    Founder Mr Wu

    YongSheng has devoted to Flat Coil Springs for  over 20 years and served thousands of customers, we will always be your best partner in Springs Products.

    Frequent Asked Questions

    1. What’s The Difference Between Flat Spiral Springs and Flat Coil Springs?

    Flat coil springs is a generic term, it covers constant force springs, constant torque springs, power springs, flat spiral springs, and so on. The biggest feature of flat coil springs is it generates the counterbalance when it works and normally is made of stainless steel strip or carbon strip.

    Flat spiral springs also called clock springs, spiral torsion springs, carbon brush springs, it is one kind of flat coil springs, its biggest feature is the almost same gap between each coil, and can generate nearly linear counterbalance torsion within 360 degrees.

    2. Custom Flat Coil Springs are Available in YongSheng?

    Yes, YongSheng supply customization service, not only the material but also the thickness, width, length, hardness, tail, and so on.

    YongSheng has served and been serving thousands of customers worldwide, customization with mounting & assembly service is always the core business of our company.

    3. What Material of The Flat Coil Springs?

    Normally, we recommend our customers to apply the SUS301 stainless steel strip as the raw material, but for the special requirement, we also use the carbon strip as the raw material to manufacture flat coil springs.

    4. YongSheng Can Help to Design the Flat Coil Springs?

    Of course, YongSheng has this ability based on our rich experience and strong R&D teams, We have help tons of clients to design their ideal flat coil springs, just tell us the application, and we will make your concept to life.

    5. How much of Flat coil springs for sale?

    Normally, we offer you the quotation is depended on the specification and the size of your order.
    The special technique like rewinding, oil-soaking, high-temperature baking will also affect the price.
    Sometimes tooling making is a must, and this will also affect the quotation.

    Indeed, it’s better to consult our sales representative before place the order, and this will make the order process more fluent.