Custom Coil Springs For Automotive

Automotive & transportation takes up a heavyweight position in the coil springs market, like the cup holders, shifter covers, seat belt and electric motor, etc. which accommodate a variety of coil springs.


Automotive coil springs require high-quality demands for lifespan, anti-fatigue, anti-corruption, and anti-rust, etc.
Yongsheng performs the strict quality assurance policy, from the raw material to the final products, click here to know more information.

with the ISO9001:2015 quality certification and numerous SGS testing reports at hand. Yongsheng can ensure clients the lowest defect rate and the maximum ROI.

Yongsheng has been producing a range of exceptional flat coil springs for tier two suppliers, which are working for well-known brands from the UK, US, Germany, Japan, and China. Rigorous quality control and strong R&D force make us a slower pace, but further.

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Normally, we adopt the constant force springs into the cup holder, console sliding mechanisms, car compartment box, etc.

Its constant tension force, high anti-fatigue, long-lasting features are ideal options for these frequent back and forth motioning parts.

Yongsheng supplies manufacturing and assembly service for tier two suppliers, including related structure suggestions as well.

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cup holder

As for the seatbelt, we always choose the pre-stressed power springs.

Yongsheng’s pre-stressed power springs feature smooth moving, long-lasting, bigger torque force, longer lifespan. all these own to our specific techniques cover special mechanical processing, post-processing, etc.

Yongsheng’s Power springs build a stronger safety.

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The electric motor is located inside the car, it helps to enhance comfort and safety.

More often than not, we use constant force springs or spiral torsion springs in electric motors.

Yongsheng has been assembling thousands of springs in the electric motor for our clients, let our specialist give you a tailored spring’s solution

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electric brush motor

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