Retractable Cable Reels/ Cord Reels

Yongsheng provides OEM services for a wide range of auto retractable mechanical cable reels. Our products include heavy-duty grounding retractable extension cord reels, small retractable cable reels, and industrial retractable power cable reels. We also offer self-retracting ceiling cord reels.

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Yongsheng is a professional manufacturer of flat coil springs, our constant force springs are very suitable for constant force retractors. Yongsheng supply a wide range of mounting & assembly services of constant-force retractors, you can focus on your business, and let us handle the challenges of constant force retractors for you.

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retractable spring loaded cord reels

Yongsheng power springs are excellent for mechanical cable reels, we have produced hundreds and thousands of spring-loaded cable reels for our clients, all of our retractable cord reels will be tested & inspected before packaging, it covers tension testing, lifespan testing, appearance inspecting, etc.

Tell us your idea, our technical-savvy engineer will help to realize it.

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You can also customize your badge reels and retractable USB charger cables in Yongsheng, no matter color, material, springs, cord wire, or patterns. Yongsheng will always be your best choice in China, In-housing structure design, manufacturing, assembly, testing & inspecting, packaging make us easy to handle your order, flexible & cost-effective, let us handle your next retractable reels order.

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Customize Your Mechanical Reels to Delight Your Customer



We can produce your spring return cable reel according to your drawing design, we also can design it according to your application. Our rich experience engineer will well handle all your challenges in your reels structure design. Yongsheng will be your reliable partner in the cable reels.


Plastic housing injecting

Yongsheng has the capability to make the mold and inject plastic housing, all in-housing manufacturing can be great saving your money and time, it’s easy to unify quality and be easy for flexible changing like color changing, structure changing, appearance changing, etc.


Springs Manufacturing

Yongsheng has been making flat steel springs for over 18 years, it’s easy for us to make suitable springs for your spring-loaded cord reels, no matter tension force, length, or dimension, Yongsheng springs will never let you down on retractable rope reels.


Mounting & Assembly

Yongsheng has a specialized work team for mounting & assembly service. our experienced employees can easily deal with the springs recoil, springs mounting, reels assembly process, and can give the feedback in time to avoid defects and increase the effect.

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Testing & Inspecting

Quality assurance belief is always ongoing throughout the entire product manufacturing range. From the design phase, material importing, production to the packaging and shipment. We will inspect the product regularly and will choose some from each batch to test the lifespan, tension force, hardness, etc.



As one of the most asked questions, the packaging is also a challenge we need to meet. To ensure our customers can get the intact orderly cable reel products, we need to reasonably design the suitable carbon with shock absorption foam, which needs to be compact and can well protect the products.

Why Choose Yongsheng to Make Cable Reels

Yongsheng has manufacturing flat steel springs for over 18 years, as the core part of the mechanical reels, excellent springs can lead to high performance, long-lasting cable reels, You will never disappoint with Yongsheng mechanical reels.

We produce all cable reels in-house, including die making, plastic housing injecting, Mounting & Assembly. This can greatly increase efficiency and decrease turnaround time. To choose Yongsheng, you can save much cost and will have a shorter lead time.

With dozens of specialized machinery and mounting & assembly teams at hand, we can produce over 300,000 pcs mechanical reels each month, Big capacity can ensure you get your products even in the peak season.

Yongsheng has produced hundreds of thousands of badge reels, retractable USB charge reels, retractable anti-shelf clasps, and all kinds of retractable mechanical cable reels each year, our clients cover banks, hi-tech companies, hospitals, retails, etc. One-stop-shop with OEM service, let Yongsheng handle your next retractable cable reels.

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