In recent times, carbon brush springs have become extremely popular, They are majorly used in electric motors and are relatively inexpensive. In this article, you will find everything about the carbon brush springs, like definition, application, assembly, and so on. Let’s dive in right now!

  • What are carbon brush springs?
  • How to know your carbon brush spring needs replacing?
  • What applications use carbon brush springs?
  • How do carbon brush springs work?
  • How to replace carbon brush springs?
  • What are the advantages of using carbon brush springs?
  • How to mount carbon brush springs
  • Where to buy carbon brushes spring
  • What material is used to manufacture carbon brush springs?

What are carbon brush springs?

Carbon brush springs are a type of flat coil springs, it provides a way to ensure consistent pressure on electric motor commutators. Typically, they are used to exert pressure on carbon brushes, carbon brush springs are a welcome alternative to round wire springs.

 Carbon brush springs

There are two types of carbon brush spring, Twin and single coil types.

Twin carbon brush springs are used to double the force of a single spring. They exert constant force across its length. Depending on your application, you may require a twin spring design.

Twin coil type design   single coil type design

How to know your carbon brush spring needs replacing?

A worn-out carbon brush spring will negatively affect the performance of your application, it will also likely spoil your commutator.

Over time, the carbon brush bit is worn out due to friction, If your carbon brush reduces to less than a quarter-inch, it needs to be replaced.

Carbon brush may also show signs of burning, breakage, or crumbling. This indicates that you need to change your carbon brush springs.

When worn out, you will notice sparking, This will occur at the point of contact between your spring and motor.

If in this case, you should replace your brush and springs ASAP.

What are the applications of carbon brush springs?

Carbon brush springs are quite popular.  They are used in diverse applications, including:

  1. DC motors
  2. Alternators
  3. Starter motors
  4. Electrical motors
  5. Generators

How do carbon brush springs work?

The carbon brush is consistently pushed by the carbon brush spring. This guarantees that the brush is always in sliding contact with the motors, constant pressure is therefore exerted on the commutator, regardless of any brush length. It is used to transmit electric current.

The constant contact induced by the springs, ensure spark-free electric transmission. Over time, due to continuous contact, the carbon brush wears out. This will cause the carbon brush length to reduce. However, the spring ensures that pressure is always exerted.

The use of the carbon brush spring ensures maximum brush life, it also enhances performance by guaranteeing constant contact with the motors.

How to replace carbon brush springs?

If your motor stops running, probably your carbon brush Is worn out.

The brushes are maintained in position by the springs.

Here are the steps for you to remove the spring from your application:

  1. In your application, locate your carbon brush spring.
  2. Locate the flat part of the spring. It usually points outwards.
  3. Grasp the flat part with a pair of pliers, disengage the hook at the end of the spring.
  4. Press inwards to ensure the spring unhooks, then remove the spring.
  5. There is a spring on the opposite side, remove it in the same ways.

This allows you to remove and inspect your carbon brushes. If you change your brush, also need to replace the spring. This method also applies to twin springs.

For more details, you can consult the springs supplier YongSheng, like request a replacement for your carbon brush springs. Request a quote.

What are the advantages of carbon brush springs?

Advantages of carbon brush springs include:

  1. Provides constant pressure to the commutator regardless of the brush length.
  2. The spring provides increased brush life. This reduces the chances of the commutator wearing out.
  3. Compact design and size. This ensures that it fits even in tight spaces.
  4. Allows for larger commutators.
  5. The springs have a lower impact on electromagnetic interference. This reduces the possibility of sparking.
  6. It allows the use of longer brushes.

How to mount carbon brush springs

Mounting the springs depending on your application. However, standard mounting involves fixing a backplate, it is then snapped into a motor frame, which is next to the motor.

Where to buy carbon brushes spring

The springs are a significant component of electric motors. Due to the environment and application, we use it a lot.

Knowing where to purchase good-quality carbon springs is critical.

At YongSheng, we produce industry-leading springs, as a professional flat coil springs supplier, we can supply all kinds of carbon brush springs, and supply the mounting & assembly service at the same while.

What material is used to manufacture carbon brush springs?

YongSheng usually uses the high yield of 301 stainless steel as the raw material, but sometimes we also apply the high carbon steel based on clients’ requirements.