Carbon Brush Springs

Carbon brush springs also called electric motor brush springs, motor brush springs, which normally refer to spiral torsion springs, constant force motor springs. They are used to push a carbon brush against the commutator when the motor running.

Yongsheng produces various carbon brush springs and provides customization services from design to delivery.

Our spiral torsion spring and constant force motor spring can supply constant pressure to the carbon brush, which can greatly decrease the carbon brush wear and extend motor lifespan.

  1. Swift prototyping within 3 days.
  2. Customization service from idea to delivery.
  3. Favorable price with high quality.
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carbon brush spring
carbon brush spring

Yongsheng Carbon Brush Springs

Yongsheng has produced carbon brush springs for over 18 years, we can provide you with all kinds of carbon brush springs at high quality and affordable prices.

Carbon brush springs are normally made of 301 stainless steel and high carbon steel, not only do the manufacturing of the springs, but we also supply the mounting & assembly service.

Spiral torsion spring

Yongsheng spiral torsion springs have been wildly used in electric motor brushes, its constant force can well push a brush holder and keep the brush constant against the commutator.

constant force spring motor

Constant force motor springs are the ideal choice for DC motor carbon brushes, their compact design can leave more room for brushes and commutators, which come into being longer lifespan.

YongSheng has produced abundant carbon brush springs and has served a number of clients worldwide, let us make the carbon brush springs for your in the next order.

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Why Yongsheng Carbon Brush Springs

Yongsheng manufactured carbon brush springs since 2002, and have produced hundreds and thousands electric motor brush springs for customers on worldwide, some of them are fortune 500 big company, they have helped you balance the quality and cost.

We can produce over 6,000,000 pcs springs each month with our dozens of special forming machinery, Your order will always be qualified completed on time even in peak season.

With in-house design, manufacturing, assembly, and quality assurance, Your produces will be taken care of carefully during the entire range. In the design stage, we can give you the advice to choose the suitable types and avoid the potential pitfalls. During the manufacturing and assembly process, we can easily coordinate the production management and unify quality control, which can greatly save your time and cost.

Yongsheng supplies a one-stop OEM/ODM service, we can produce the carbon brush springs according to your design drawing, your idea, or your application. you can rely on us in the carbon brush and put all your attention into your business.

Whether you are an industrial company or a wholesale distributor, Yongsheng will be your best partner in flat coil springs field.

Besides carbon brush springs, we also produce all kinds of flat coil springs like power springs, constant force springs, constant torque springs, variable force springs, etc.

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