constant tension springs

Constant Tension Springs

YongSheng is one of the best OEM/ODM constant tension springs manufacturer, we have a large production capacity up to 6,700,000 pcs each month, and thousands of ready-made toolings in stocks, with ISO9001 and SGS certified production line, you can get a favorable price with high quality in a short time.

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Your Best Constant Tension Springs Manufacturer in China

If you want to find a constant tension springs manufacturer in China, YongSheng will be your best choice.
whether you are a wholesaler or end-user, you will find the best solution for your springs products.

For wholesales, YongSheng has a large production capacity and can offer a competitive price with high quality.

For the end-user, YongSheng can provide the customized service based on your application, and will try our best to a minimize your cost with our ready-made toolings.

Yongsheng has focused on flat coil springs for almost 20 years and served thousands of clients around the world, some big brands like Lee Spring, Loreal, Walmart, China Tobacco always be our supporter.

Not only the springs products but also supply the assembly and mounting service. In one word, YongSheng is the one-stop solution supplier for your springs products and related. Tell us your ideal, and we will respond to you with perfect springs products.

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YongSheng has produced hundreds and thousands of constant tension springs and has served thousands of clients worldwide, let us make the constant tension springs for your in the next order.

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How Do We Manufacture The Constant Tension Springs?

Constant tension springs also called the constant force springs, it is made by the SUS301 stainless steel strip.

When the constant tension springs are coiled via the special forming equipment, it will generate a counterbalance tension force.

YongSheng has produced constant tension springs for nearly 20 years, below is the production process flow chart, if you want more, send your idea right now!

constant tension spirng production process

Let Yongsheng Constant Tension Springs Delight Your Customers

Yongsheng stainless steel 301 constant tension springs vary greatly in size, assembly. We can design it for you based on your application. In the whole design process, thickness, width, assembly all matter.

Constant tension springs can provide constant tension force, they are easy to multiply the force via various assembly ways like back-to-back parallel, roll strip coiled in tandem, multi-layer laminated load, etc. Referred factors including housing size, tension force, specification of springs, etc. Yongsheng has rich experience to deal with it in high efficient and cost-effective.

constant-tension-spring constant-tension-spring2

Yongsheng produces millions of constant tension springs, we master the know-how to mass production with high quality. We have been cooperating with many big brands like Tesco, L’oreal, Walmart, etc. they have made the assessment between cost and quality for you, Let us make the next batch spring for you.

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