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Flat Spiral Springs

YongSheng is one of the best flat spiral springs manufacturer since 2002. We have an advanced modern factory, which contains 18 sets of special springs forming equipment and more than 50 experienced technicians, the monthly production capacity up to 6,700,000 pcs.

ISO9001 & SGS standard throughout the entire production process from raw material import to final product shipment.

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YongSheng: Your Premier Flat Spiral Springs Manufacturer in China

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If you want to purchase or customize flat spiral springs for your products, YongSheng will be your best choice.

whether you are a start-up company or wholesaler, end-user, you can find the best solution in YongSheng.

what benefit we can offer to you?

  • with the special sample-making team, your sample can be delivered with 3 days.
  • with thousands of ready-made toolings in stock, you will have the biggest chance to avoid the cost.
  • with no MOQ requirement, it can be easy to get started with your plan.
  • with ISO9001 & SGS certified production line, you will get the high-quality springs.
  • with a one-stop service (including mounting & assembly service), you can pay all your attention to your customers.

YongSheng has produced flat spiral springs near 20 years and has served over 5000 customers worldwide, inquiry us now, and let us make flat torsion springs for you to help boom your business.

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YongSheng has produced hundreds and thousands of Flat spiral springs and has served thousands of clients worldwide, let us make the flat spiral springs for your in the next order.

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How Do We Manufacture The Flat Spiral Springs?

Flat spiral springs also called the clock springs, spiral torsion springs, it is made by the SUS301 stainless steel strip.

When the flat coil springs are coiled via the special forming equipment, it will generate a counterbalance tension force.

Yongsheng has producing a wide range of flat spiral springs for over 18 years, which are made of 301 stainless steel strips, and the width range from 2mm to 55mm, thickness from 0.06 to 0.6mm.

Yongsheng not only supplies the manufacturing service, but also the assembly & mounting service, which can help to assembly your springs to the housing case to greatly saving your time and money.

Just send us your idea or drawing, we will make and assembly it out for you hassle-free.

Below is the production process flow chart, if you want more, send your idea right now!

constant tension spirng production process

Below is our spiral torsion springs specification, For your reference, if you can’t find out your style, just consulting our specialist for free.

Part NumberT(mm)W(mm)L(mm)Min. Torque(N.mm)Max. Torque(N.mm)TurnsArbor size(mm)O.D(mm)

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    Flat Spiral Springs: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

    This FAQ guide will help you to select high-quality Flat Spiral Springs.

    It contains everything you have been looking for, such as supplier searching, product intro, order process, and so on.

    You probably would be having many questions, in which we will break it down for you.

    Therefore, before going to order Flat spiral springs, read this Guide

    Flat spiral springs also known as clock springs, spiral torsion springs, motor brush springs.

    YongSheng’s flat spiral spring is made of high yield SUS301 stainless steel, it is featured with high performance, antirust, long life-cycle.

    For its special features of almost linear rotational force in the rated voyage, Flat spiral springs are used for the timer, clock, automobile, etc.

    Flat spiral springs also are called clock springs, spiral torsion springs.
    It owns nearly linear rotational force in 360 degrees, for this characteristic, it is wildly used in timer, clock, motor industry, medical industry, and toys.

    In YongSheng, We normally assort flat spiral spring to the flat coil spring.

    It is made of SUS301 stainless steel strip, when the strip is coiled through the springs forming machine, it will generate an uncoiling counterbalance.

    We can call the flat coil torsion spring as the falt torsion spring, they all belong to the flat coil springs.

    Flat coil torsion springs can be made by several materials, like SUS301 stainless steel, high-carbon steel, Inconel, and so on.

    In YongSheng, we often recommend clients to use the SUS301 steel as the raw material base on its high yield performance.

    Normally, we will test the hardness of raw material before material preparation.

    After the trial making, we will have torsion testing, life-cycle testing, salt spray testing, and video measuring. Before shipment, we will have the dimension measuring and appearance checking.

    Sometimes, we need to bake the springs at the high-temperature for the internal stress adjusting as the requirement, and oil-soaking for better lubricating, after these special techniques, we will have the hardness testing and fatigue testing.

    To find a reliable supplier needs some tactics, and you can through some ways below.

    1, Directly search it in Google, put the keywords of flat spiral springs supplier in Google, then you will find several websites of suppliers, go straight to their about us page, and look up their history, R&D ability, quality control ability, etc. In this way, you can find the real manufacturer.


    2, Go to the Alibaba.com website, the largest b2b platform in the world, type in the keyword in the search bar, and you will find many suppliers of flat spiral spring. Check the supplier online performance index(0-5), the higher rank, the reliable supplier.


    3, The third way is the professional exhibition, in that you will find many suppliers of flat spiral spring, then you can distinguish it through the stall scale, exhibits, and intro.


    For bulk order, you can place an order directly through the b2b platform like Alibaba,

    you also can directly contact with the sales representative on the supplier’s website, tell them your requirement and quantity. Take attention, it’s necessary to get the sample approved before place bulk order.

    Yes, you can, you can access the product through online b2b platforms or supplier’s website,

    through the website to find your ideal spring, or direct inquiry the sales representative your requirement.

    You’d better get the sample for check before place a mass order, and it’s necessary to demand your supplier to supply the process of your product manufacturing.

    In conclusion, the flat spiral springs are coming in premium and top-notch quality.

    You can visit our site yshspring.com, Have a look at the designs, key features, and application,

    it’s very necessary to consult our expert for your application, we will provide you the most appropriate solution based on your industry.