flat torsion spring

Flat Torsion Springs

At Yongsheng, you can find all kinds of flat torsion springs, if not, customize them directly.

  • Quick prototyping in 3 days.
  • Competitive price based on mass ready-made toolings.
  • Short lead time lies in mass conventional springs in stock.
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Yongsheng Flat Torsion Springs Help to Boost Your Business

Flat torsion springs provide constant torque output in a limited time, this feature makes them wildly used in many industries. As a professional springs manufacturer, Yongsheng is committed to fabricating high-performance flat torsion springs for our customers.

Flat Spiral Torsion Springs

Yongsheng flat spiral torsion springs are made of 301 stainless steel, it can generate constant torque force, and be wildly used in many fields. The in-house fabricating and complete quality control process will make you hassle-free in flat spiral springs and can focus on your own business.

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Flat Coil Torsion Springs

Yongsheng flat coil torsion springs feature a long lifespan, constant torque output, excellent mechanical properties. We can customize various sized springs based on your needs, covering thickness, width.

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Flat Spiral Springs Design

Yongsheng provides a flat spiral spring design service for our customers, just tell our expert your idea or application, we are capable to design a flat spiral spring for you. In flat spiral springs, you can fully count on Yongsheng.

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YongSheng has produced hundreds and thousands of springs and served thousands of clients worldwide, let us make the flat torsion springs for your in the next order.

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Why Yongsheng Flat Torsion Springs

Yongsheng flat torsion springs also called spiral torsion springs, electric motor brush springs. They are wildly used in many industries, we are a professional flat coil springs manufacturer and have been focusing on them for over 18 years.


Yongsheng mainly manufactures stainless steel flat torsion springs, its thickness range from 0.06mm to 0.6mm, width range from 2mm to 55mm.

Yongsheng flat torsion springs earn a longer lifespan, we tested the springs’ lifespan over 15000 times, let Yongsheng make your next batch of long-lasting flat torsion springs.


Yongsheng flat torsion springs are wildly used in motor brushes, medical devices, automotive, etc. You can consult our specialist for your application, you will get back a best-referred solution with years of expertise experience.

Besides the flat torsion springs, Yongsheng also manufactures other flat coil springs like constant force springs, power springs, constant torque springs, variable force springs, mechanical reels, and more.

Yongsheng is Your Best Flat Torsion Springs Manufaturer in China

  1. Focus on flat coil springs industry since 2002.
  2. The advanced testing lab will meet and beyond your constant force spring performance expectation.
  3. Specialized prototypes team, which can deliver your prototypes in 7 days.
  4. ISO9001 & ISO14001 accredited facility covers the entire production range.
  5. Assembly & mounting service will solve your last concerns and make you focus on your customers.
  6. Get you covered 7/24, always at your disposal.
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    Flat Torsion Springs – The Ultimate FAQ Guide

    Yongsheng produce various flat torsion springs for over 18 years, we can produce them according to your design drawing or you just tell us the application, and then our engineers can engineering it out based on our years’ experience.

    No matter you are a distributor or a private business owner, you can find the best solution for flat torsion springs at Yongsheng.

    Below is the ultimate FAQ of flat torsion springs, wish it can help you.

    What are flat torsion springs?

    Flat torsion springs are also called flat spiral springs, spiral torsion springs, clock springs, motor brush springs, etc.
    More often than not, The flat torsion springs are made of stainless steel roll strips, which be shaped by the special springs-shaping machine, then it becomes the final product through some post-processing processes like high-temperature baking, oil soaking, etc.

    Flat torsion springs feature almost the same gap distance between each coil and can provide constant torque output in a limited time.

    When exerting torque force on the flat torsion springs, it will generate counterpart constant torque force within 360 degrees. Once it is over 360 degrees, the gap between each coil will end and the counterpart torque force will soar in an instant.

    How do flat spiral springs work?

    Flat spiral springs can provide constant torque output in a limited time. When we exert torque force on it, it will generate corresponding counterpart constant torque output.

    Refer to this feature, we normally mount the flat spiral springs to the housing case and then exert the outer torque force to the housing case or the shaft which fastened to the inner coil of spring, and in response to getting the counterpart torque output.

    Flat spiral springs are wildly used in electric motor brushes and clocks, timers.

    Flat torsion spring calculator?

    For various sakes, we need to calculate the torque force of a flat torsion spring.

    YongSheng has listed the formula below, note: the ∅ value normally is less than 360 degrees when using it.
    combine the illustrate and formula, you will get a deeper understanding.

    M=πEwt³∅ /6L (N·mm)

    E= modulus of elasticity (MPa)
    ∅= angular deflection in revolutions
    L= Length of active material (mm)
    M= torque force (N·mm)
    W= Material width (mm)
    t= Material thickness (mm)

    Flat coil torsion springs?

    Flat coil torsion springs also called flat torsion springs, Yongsheng have producing flat coil torsion springs for over 18 years, we produce various flat coil torsion springs, which make of SUS 301 stainless steel and the width range from 2mm to 55mm, thickness range from 0.06mm to 0.6mm.

    How to calculate torsion springs?

    We have supplied a formula for the flat torsion springs in the above reply, please refer to this formula and it will help you fit it out.

    Flat torsion springs for sale?

    If you want to buy several flat torsion springs, you can buy them directly from the online shopping website like eBay, Amazon, they sell some universal types of springs online.

    For the special function or application, you need to customize it from the professional springs manufacturer, they have special machinery and material to assist you to approach it.

    Flat torsion springs design?

    Design a flat torsion spring is a big challenge for a non-professional man.
    some factors need to be confirmed before design a flat torsion spring, list as follows:

    1. Application. we need to be sure if the application is fit for a flat torsion spring.
    2. Torque force. it’s better to know the torque force rate before design it because it refers to the thickness & width of a flat torsion spring.
    3. Housing size or shaft size. housing size or shaft size can determine the size of springs’ outer diameter or inner diameter.

    At Longsheng, it is better to know all the factors above before design a flat torsion spring. you also just tell us your application, and our savvy engineer can design it out based on our years’ rich experience, and then correct the prototypes until meeting your needs.

    Flat spiral torsion springs design?

    Flat spiral torsion springs design has the same process as the above flat torsion springs design, please refer to the above information.