Custom Springs for Household Appliances

Household appliances cover various functions to accommodate various springs. commonly, the constant force springs in monitors or fans, the power springs in vacuum food sealer or handheld grinder, constant torque springs for electric motors, etc.

When it comes to springs in the household appliances field, the anti-fatigue and long-lasting features are the essential needs. we need the long lifespan and high effective springs in our routine life, this can greatly save time and be hassle-free.

Yongsheng supplies a variety of springs for household appliances, stick to the technology-based, service-oriented company philosophy, our springs will be tested & inspected thoroughly before handing them to you. ensure the lifespan of springs be over 15000 times, pass the rigorous salt spray testing and fatigue testing.

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At home appliances, the constant force springs are wildly used in electric fans, computer monitors, and other appliances. For its excellent retractable features, we can easily adjust the height of home appliances. Each patch of our constant force springs will be tested for tensile output, fatigue, lifespan before shipment, inquiry out specialists for more testing details.

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electric fan
vacuum food sealer

For canned/ bottled beverage pushers, we recommend you applying variable force spring with damper. Canned/ bottled beverage is much more resistant than cigarettes, For the purpose of smooth moving, Different pushing force meets the different moving position. The pusher imposes the maximum pushing force to the canned/ bottled beverage when in the full replenished stage, as taking out the can/ bottle, the pushing force will be generally decreased. The damper can help to slow down the moving forward in the entire range.

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