Mechanical Reels

Yongsheng has developed different types of complete mechanical reels with automatically retractable functions.

There are coated and uncoated cables from 650mm to 10000mm.

The mechanical reels can be applied for household appliances, cleaning equipment, medical equipment, automatical dog leash, retail security pull buckle, and power cord with automatically retractable function, such as vegetable and meat chopper, vacuum cleaner, and food sealer, gym equipment, and so on.

Mechanical Wheels

Advantages of YongSheng’s Mechanical reels

YongSheng has produced tons of mechanical reels products and has served more than thousands of clients worldwide, let us serve you in the next order.

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Yongsheng Mechanical Reels & Assembly

Yongsheng can produce a wide range of mechanical reels and supply the assembly service. our mechanical reels include power cord reels, retractable spring-loaded cable reels, spring return cable reels, retractable data rope reels, etc.


Yongsheng has established a specialized work team with dozens of workers for mechanical reels’ fabricating and assembly, this can greatly save the communication cost and improve efficiency.


Yongsheng’s manufacturing range cover flat steel springs, mold making, plastic injecting, assembly service, etc. all in-house producing with a unified quality assurance policy. You can order your spring-loaded rope reels produces in one company, and this can save you much money and time.

Yongsheng provides various custom mechanical reels, you will have an extensive choice covering springs type, housing color, material, even reel tailor, etc.


with over 18 years of experience in flat coil springs, we can choose the best retractable solution for your cable reels, Rigorous quality assurance will perform among the entire range including material importing, manufacturing, testing, packaging. In retractable spring return rope reels, Yongsheng will be your reliable partner.

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