Custom Spring Solutions For Medical Device & Healthcare

As everyone knows, The Medical industry always requires high standards, refer to the springs, these also need to follow this principle.

Yongsheng fabricates a wide range of springs for medical devices & healthcare, including constant force springs, constant torque springs, power springs, spiral torsion springs, mechanical reels, etc.

It is our honor to supply these high-quality springs, to a certain extent, this can save life or relieve people’s pain.

We supply customization and assembly service, give professional advice based on our thousands of industrial cases at meanwhile. let’s work together to make premium medical devices & healthcare, to make people happier and live longer.

Below are the applications of our springs in the medical industry.

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In the medical industry, the constant force springs are wildly used due to their outstanding features.
These include smooth tensile output, easy mounting, room-saving, long lifespan, etc.
As for these features, constant force springs are well used in injectors, bedside dining tables, X-ray machine tables, medical cats, etc.

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x-ray machine table

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cable and cord management

Constant torque springs can provide constant torque output when working. this feature makes it wildly used in cable reel, cord management, etc.

Not only the manufacturing service, Yongsheng supply the entire range of service from ideal to real. Consult with our expert about your idea for free, let us help you realize it.

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Normally power springs can provide bigger torque force in the limited room, it is the ideal option for reel cables, in the medical industry, power springs be wildly used in auto-injectors, cable, and cord management.

Yongsheng provides all kinds of customization & assembly services, we are not only the springs manufacturer, we are your partner.

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auto injectors

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dental operation table

In many industries, Spiral torsion springs also called untouched power springs, for their special appearance feature,
it has the almost same gap distance between each coil.

The same as the power springs, spiral torsion springs can provide torque output, but the difference is they can provide the constant torque output in a limited time, they are widely used in dental operation tables, x-ray head units, etc.

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The mechanical reel is commonly used in reel cable, cord management in medical devices or healthcare.

Yongsheng provides all kinds of services including mechanical reel manufacturing, assembly, prototypes, etc.

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