Custom Springs for Point of Purchase Dispalys

Point of purchase displays(POP) requires various springs with long-lasting, anti-fatigue, slow down features for back and forth lifting or self-facing function.

Yongsheng supplies a range of custom springs for POP & retail display fields due to clients’ requirements. these cover constant force springs, variable force springs, springs with dampers, assembling combination of springs, etc. Detailed information for different application is showed as follow.

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For the little cosmetic bottle pusher or cigarettes pusher, we recommend you applying the constant force springs. its constant pushing force makes the merchandise smooth moving whatever replenishing or take out.

Yongsheng’s fatigue testing can ensure you over 20000 times move back and forth working lifespan, long-lasting constant pushing force as well.

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cosmetic pusher
beverage pusher

For canned/ bottled beverage pushers, we recommend you applying variable force spring with damper. Canned/ bottled beverage is much more resistant than cigarettes, For the purpose of smooth moving, Different pushing force meets the different moving position. The pusher imposes the maximum pushing force to the canned/ bottled beverage when in the full replenished stage, as taking out the can/ bottle, the pushing force will be generally decreased. The damper can help to slow down the moving forward in the entire range.

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For some special retail display appliances with special retractable pushing demand, Yongsheng also can provide solutions based on years of experience and a strong R&D force.

This kind of vertical vendor display is used for packed tinned beverages, it can generate smooth go-up pushing force, our technician uses an innovative combination of variable force springs to get consistent pull force, and always keeps the packed tinned cola in the take-out position.

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