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YongSheng’s Power Springs

YongSheng produces all kinds of stainless steel power springs, like conventional spiral power springs, pre-stressed power springs. Customize your power springs, and we will offer you high-quality springs products with excellent performance.

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Conventional Spiral Power Springs

Conventional spiral power springs are very common in our life, they can generate rotation torsion in the limited room, and their excellent retracting feature makes them the best choice for the wheel reels, they are wildly used in retracting charger cable, tape measure, toys and so on.

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pre-stressed power springs

Pre-stressed Power Springs

Pre-stressed power springs generate almost 25%-55% bigger torsion than conventional spiral power springs. they have one more process, after forming, they will be recoiled to further promote the torsion performance. they are wildly used in retractable wheel reels, seat belts, dog leash, etc.

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Free Pre-sales Service

YongSheng provide you the pre-sales service for free, it’s better to consult our expert before choosing one spring. With over 18 years of industry experience and thousands of cases around the world, we can provide you the best solution for retractable function based on your application. Inquiry our expert now!

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How Do We Make the Power Springs?

YongSheng has produced power springs over 18 years, we know every key points and know-how in the product range.

From the material preparing to the packaging, the quality control throughout each step, ISO9001 and SGS certified production line will produce premium springs for you.

You can know how your orders go along via the photos or real-time video, and you have the final say.

The power springs manufacturing process chart is below:

Power Springs manufacture

  • power-springs
  • power springs1
  • power-springs

Pre-stressed Power Springs And Conventional Power Springs

Power springs stores and releases rotational energy in form of torque via the center arbor or spring housing.

There are 2 kinds of spiral power springs in YongSheng, they are conventional power springs and pre-stressed power springs.

YongSheng’s power springs is made by winding 301 SUS high yield stainless steel strip. when it be shaped through the forming machine, the springs will generate torsion. Pre-stressed power springs will entail the added reversed-rolling process than conventional power springs before packaging.

The advantage of Yongsheng power springs:

  1. High-torque delivery per unit of deflection.
  2. Normal residual stresses.
  3. Pre-stressed power springs can store 25% ~ 55% greater energy than conventional power springs.
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Power Springs Supplier

Power springs can be wildly used in healthcare, automotive, industrial, toy and so on.

YongSheng earns good reputation via high quality and affordable price in power springs, strictly quality control with high production capacity make us to be the most competitive supplier.

We will always be your best partner in power springs.

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Stock Power Springs in YongSheng, Favorable Price For You

Select your type of power springs in below stock table, and you will get a favorable pricing

Conventional Power Spring
Product No.T(mm)W(mm)L(mm)Min. Torque
Max. Torque
TurnsArbor size

T: Thickness     W: Width      L: Length

Pre-stressed Power Spring
Product No.T(mm)W(mm)L(mm)Min. Torque
Max. Torque
TurnsArbor size

T: Thickness     W: Width      L: Length

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Application of Spiral Power Springs


There are a lot of kinds of flat coiled springs be used in automotive parts, one of the most common parts is seat-belt.

Seat-belt must-have features like a long voyage, long lifecycle, easy to fetch, and automatic retraction, the pre-stressed power springs is the best one for it.

YongSheng has several types of power springs for seat-belt, inquiry our expert for more.

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Dog leash, hose reel, badge reel, and some toy(hair spring) also use the power springs to get the easy retraction.

It features a long length, long lifecycle, convenient retraction.

YongSheng have produced thousands of power springs for over 5000 clients worldwidely.

Welcome to contant our expert for more.

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Power springs also are applied wildly in medical device & healthcare applications, such as auto injectors, cable, and cord management,. etc.

YongSheng , the leading flat coiled spring supplier in China with over 18 years experience.

Inquiry our expert for your solution!

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Reduce Your Maintenance Cost With YongSheng Power Springs

YongSheng can custom any types of spiral power springs according to your requirement. Just give us your application or detailed size of the cavity or drum. We will help you cost down and rocket your business.

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Normally, we will stock some of the types of power springs for our long-term cooperative partners in case of need, for the stock springs, the lead time is between 5-7 days, for customized springs, it usually needs to take around 12-21 days.

Power springs can generate the rotating force, but they belong to variable torsion force. if you tend to the constant rotating force, we recommend to apply the constant torque springs, it can generate very fluent rotating force and easy to handle it.

Usually, we refer the clock springs as spiral torsion springs, they are all generated rotating force, and have the similar appearance, the feature of clock springs is the torsion force almost linear within first 360 degrees, once surpass 360 degrees, the torque will increases rapidly, so we often apply it in some kinds of timers.

YongSheng can produce the maximum torque of power spring is 50N, and the minimum is 0.08N, so we normally named the high torque power spring when it generates torque more than 30N.

In YongSheng, we recommend clients to apply the SUS301 stainless steel strip.

There are some excellent features for it, like good antirust feature, high yield performance, easy to form, and outstanding mechanical property.

Sometimes, we also apply the carbon steel strip as the raw material, it is cheaper than SUS301, but it owns the shorter life-cycle, and be easy to rust, the mechanical also not as well as the SUS301.