Spiral Springs

Spiral springs sometimes are called flat torsion springs, clock springs, they are made of flat stainless steel strips and be coiled through the specialized coil forming machine.

Spiral springs can store & release rotational torsion energy, they are normally mounted in a housing and fixed with an arbor in the inner coil. Torque can be generated from either the arbor or the spring housing, for this feature, spiral springs are wildly used in applications that require a high force out with limited space.

Yongsheng designs & manufactures various spiral springs like power springs, spiral torsion springs, etc.

  1. Specialize in spiral springs for nearly 20 years.
  2. One-stop shop including plastic injection housing, mounting & assembly service.
  3. Quick prototyping within 3 days.
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Yongsheng produces a variety of spiral springs since 2002, our spiral springs are made of 301 stainless steel, thickness covers 0.06-0.6mm, width covers 2-55mm.

power springs

Power Springs

Yongsheng power springs include conventional power springs and pre-stressed power springs, they are wildly used in automobiles, cable reels, medical devices, etc.

power springs

Spiral Torsion Springs

Spiral torsion springs are also called flat torsion springs, clock springs, flat torsion springs. They are wildly used in electric carbon brush motors, medical devices, toys etc.

YongSheng has produced hundreds and thousands of spiral springs and has served thousands of clients worldwide, let us make the spiral springs for your in the next order.

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Why Yongsheng Spiral Springs

Yongsheng is a professional manufacturer of spiral springs, we have produced hundreds of thousands of spiral springs for customers around the world, they are wildly used in aerospace, automobile, medical device, home appliance, children toys, cable reels, motor carbon brushes, etc.

spiral torsion springs application mechanical reels

With a rigorous quality control policy, all of your ordered spiral springs will be tested and inspected detailed among the entire process, which includes raw material hard testing & inspection, fatigue testing, salt spray testing, torsion testing, regular inspecting, etc. They will be packed well for ready shipping.




Yongsheng supplies a one-stop solution for your spiral springs products, not only the springs design, manufacturing, packaging, but also the housing design, manufacturing, mounting & assembly services, etc.

we have mastered the know-how in the manufacturing process for spiral springs, they include oil soaking, high-temperature baking, spot welding, sonic welding and riveting, etc. Your spring products will be well completed with high performance on time.

with abundant tools in stock, you will have a big chance to save much cost and time for your tooling, in the meanwhile, you have a mass of selection for your springs’ tail.

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    Spiral springs sometimes are called flat torsion springs, clock springs, they cover power springs and spiral torsion springs.

    power springs

    Spiral springs are made of flat strips, after being coiled, they can generate uncoil force. We usually mount it in a housing and fix an arbor with the inner coil, torque can be generated either the rotating the housing or the arbor.

    Bigger output with a limited room makes it wildly used in many applications like hose reels, carbon brushed, medical devices, etc.

    We usually use the prestressed steel strip to make the spiral springs. Spiral springs are divided into power springs and spiral torsion springs.

    Spiral torsion springs can be coiled through the coil forming machine.

    spiral torsion springs
    As for the power springs, after coiling through the coil forming machine, they need to recoil through the special winding machine, for the prestressed power springs, they even need to go through the rewinding process after winding.

    pre-stressed power spring

    Spiral springs can generate powerful torsion output in the limited room, this feature makes them wildly used in many applications like the hose reel, car seat belt, carbon brush, etc.

    in order to use the spiral springs, we normally need to fix the outer coil of the spiral springs into the housing and fix the inner coil of the spiral spring to the arbor.
    when rotating the housing or arbor, the counterpart rotational torque will be generated.

    power springs1

    Spiral springs are made of flat strips, the materials can be stainless steel, carbon steel, Inconel.

    Yongsheng normally use the 301 high yield stainless steel strip to produce spiral springs, which features anti-rust, long lifespan, well mechanical performance

    Compare to carbon steel, stainless steel have better mechanical performance and is easier to form. normally we can’t use carbon steel to make spiral springs which a width less than 0.3mm.

    Inconel is too expensive, we seldom use it except for some special application.