Spiral Torsion Springs

Spiral torsion springs seem like the variable force springs at the appearance, also be called clock springs, flat torsion springs, motor brush springs.

YongSheng’s spiral torsion spring is made of high yield 301 stainless steel, which owns many excellent features like high hardness, anti-rust, high resistance, and so on.

When it is shaped through the springs forming machines, it will be coiled and counterbalance the uncoiling.

Advantages of YongSheng’s flat spiral torsion springs

YongSheng has produced hundreds and thousands of spiral torsion springs and has served more than thousand of clients worldwide, let us make the springs for your in the next order.

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How do spiral torsion springs work?

Comparison with other’s flat coil springs, The spiral torsion spring has a very obvious feature in the appearance, the gap distance almost be same between every coil, and this makes it zero friction and nearly linear torsion when rotating it below 360 degrees, once surpass 360 degrees, the coils begin to be closed and the torque will burst in a short time.


This feature of almost linear torsion can be wildly used in many applications, like timer, brush motors, and so on.

YongSheng has been manufacturing springs for more than 18 years, rich experience and powerful R&D team make us can easily handle all kinds of applications, customize it for you not just from the material, but also length, thickness, width, inner diameter, outer diameter.

spiral torsion springs

in the below table, you can find several standard types of spiral torsion spring (standard tools and don’t need to open mold), choose your types, and you will get a good price.

if can’t find your ideal type, it doesn’t matter, please feel free to inquiry our expert to custom your idea products.

Part NumberT(mm)W(mm)L(mm)Min. Torque(N.mm)Max. Torque(N.mm)TurnsArbor size(mm)O.D(mm)


For various sakes, we need to calculate the torque force of spiral torsion spring.

YongSheng has listed the formula of spiral torsion spring’s torque force in below, it’s better for understanding to refer to the above illustration. note: the ∅ value normally is less than 360 degrees when we use it.

M=πEwt³∅ /6L (N·mm)

E= modulus of elasticity (MPa)
∅= angular deflection in revolutions
L= Length of active material (mm)
M= torque force (N·mm)
W= Material width (mm)
t= Material thickness (mm)

Before making a spiral torsion spring, it’s better to make it clear where we will use this spring, the different applications will require different specs, and it will determine some parameters like the material width, length, thickness, inner diameter, outer diameter, and so on.

After affirming the applications, we will select the suitable raw material, and adjust the program of the automated digital control forming machine, and the springs will be shaped through this machine.

For your information, https://www.allrite.com/clock-spring-calculator.html

This website is the easiest way to custom the specs of your spiral torsion spring through visually input your requirement,
our engineer also uses this calculator to design the spiral torsion springs.

Flat spiral torsion spring also called the spiral torsion spring, clock spring, flat torsion spring, it is made of stainless steel strip, and through the special digital control forming machine to forming, and people usually use the feature of linear rotational force to realize some functions.

Based on the special feature of almost linear rotational force, the spiral torsion spring are wildly used in timer, brush motor, automotive interior, and some medical equipment.

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