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Yongsheng – Your Reliable Manufacturer of Flat Steel Springs

As the leading manufacturer of flat steel springs in China, Yongsheng has been producing a wide range of flat stainless steel springs for nearly 20 years. Swifty prototyping, high-quality springs, completed value-added service including pre-sales guide, expert suggestion, assembly service, always help earn customers reliance. Yongsheng is not only a springs’ manufacturer but also your partner, let us help you to promote your business to the next level.

constant force springs

Constant Force Springs

Yongsheng produces various constant force springs, including heavy-duty style for medical devices, tiny style for motor brushes, and common style for POP or home Appliances.

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Power springs

Power Springs

Yongsheng produces three types of power springs, they are conventional power springs, pre-stressed power springs, spiral torsion springs (also known as untouched power springs).

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constant torque spring

Constant Torque Springs

Constant torque springs are very alike as the constant force springs in appearance. Normally, we assemble several constant torque springs to the housing to generate power torque output when at work.

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variable force springs

Variable Force Springs

Variable force springs are wildly used in POP(point of purchase) display, especially in shelf pusher systems. Its continuous-changeable pushing force going with the merchandise adding or reducing is a unique feature.

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spiral torsion springs

Spiral Torsion Springs

Spiral torsion springs are usually used in carbon brush motors. It can provide constant torque output in a limited voyage. As for similar features and appearance with power springs, we also call them untouched power springs.

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mechanical reels

Mechanical Reels

Yongsheng provides mechanical reels fabricating and assembly service, we can offer a professional suggestion based on our extensive industry experience, from structural to functional.

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What Make US Stand Out Among Numerous Rivals

We care what you care most about custom flat steel springs. Your success is the driven force to make us successful.

Use Yongsheng Flat Steel Springs to Delight Your Customers

Yongsheng dedicated to the flat steel springs since 2002, we have produced hundreds of thousands of flat steel springs. they are wildly used in automotive, POP, medical, aerospace, household appliance, etc. Send us your design drawing or directly tell the application, let us customize your next batch of springs.

With abundant cases at hand, we can customize various flat steel springs for you based on your application, not only the size of springs like thickness, width, length, but also the retractable force adjusting, we can adjust the retractable force to meet your needs without other compromises.

Yongsheng owns not only the springs manufacturing but also the assembly & mounting service and tooling-making division. For the mechanical cable reel, we can produce the entire retractable gadget for you including plastic parts.

With abundant ready-made toolings in stock and entire production in-house, we can easily balance the cost and quality, you can get your high-quality springs at a competitive price. Fill in the form below, let us help you boom your retractable springs business.

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