The retractable tape measure is wildly used in our life, what does it consist of? what’s the working principle? How to replace the spring of it. This post will tell you all of it.

What Does the Retractable Tape Measure Consist of?

The retractable tape measure mainly consists of three parts, they are steel measurement tape(or sewing tape), the power spring (clock spring), and plastic casting. We can easily disassemble it with the screwdriver.

The power spring should be specialized for the tape measure, the spring referred to in the above video is made of stainless steel, size is 0.15*5*3500mm, and lifespan is 20,000-30,000 times.


How Does It Work (working principle)?

When drawing out the tape, the power springs inside the casting will wind up, and generate the resistance tension. while releasing the tape, the resistance tension will draw back the tape smoothly.

The resistance tension can’t be too large or too small, too large will draw back tape quickly, and too small may get stuck and stop rebound. it will be high technique demand for the power springs.

How to replace a spring of tape measure?

This youtube video below will show you how to replace a spring step by step.