Roller shade springs are mainly used for spring-loaded cordless roller shades, which are becoming increasingly common in daily life. If you are interested in this kind of spring or this cordless window shade, this post will help you learn more.

There are two types of springs used in window shades: traditional coil springs and constant torque springs. Due to their long lifespan and stable positioning feature, constant torque springs are more popular than coil springs.


Advantages of cordless window roller shades:

1, No pull cord – you can directly pull the bottom of the shades to any position you want.
2, Easy to position – the balance mechanism makes it easy to stop and position without rebounding.
3, Long lifespan – the lifting system supports over 30,000 cycles.

What’s in cordless window roller shades?

They consist of constant torque spring components, lifting systems, and shades.

What’s the mechanism of this window shade?

Window shades feature the convenience of stopping and easy positioning without rebounding. This feature requires an excellent balance mechanism system that is durable with a long lifespan, always keeping the balance when the exertion of force disappears.

What’s the feature of the cordless roller shade spring (constant torque spring)?

1, Generates a constant resistant force.
2, Requires less space and generates a bigger torque force.
3, Easy to use in tandem and produces greater strength.